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I prefer to work out on my own, so I don't require a personal trainer or classes to motivate me. However, I don't really know what I'm doing in order to maximize results, and just using an elliptical or jogging isn't a well rounded work out. I signed up for Kendra's personalized 12 week program and thought it would be perfect for my needs. Kendra is great at answering questions and following up to see how things are going. She bases the plan on the equipment you already own, and also updates your program as you progress so you aren't stuck doing the same things over and over. I am in the best shape I've been in years. If you are looking for a program that allows you to work out in your own home at your own schedule, but with the expert advice of a trainer, I would highly recommend Kendra and her superb program.


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My Story - My Transformation


Stressed over the weight I continued to carry from the pregnancy of my second child and the unfit image I presented as a personal trainer to my fitness class, I returned to Weight Watchers to help me lose my pregnancy weight. I achieved great results, but desired to achieve much more than losing weight - I wanted to build muscle, tone and transform my body into the image you would expect of a personal trainer.

In June 2011, three months following the birth of my second child, I contacted a personal fitness coach and discussed my fitness goals and desires but stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy supply of breast milk to nurse my baby which I feared would be hindered with a strict diet and hard workout program. The following Sunday, I started a twelve week clean-eating and fitness training program as recommended by my coach. Only six weeks into the program, I had lost 10lbs and 13 inches and the milk I was producing for my baby went from a skim milk colour and consistency to a thick cream-like colour and consistency! With these results, I was feeling very good about myself and began to realize that through hard work, commitment, and lifestyle change I was capable of incredible results and my long-term goals could be achieved a lot sooner. My fitness coach agreed and asked me to consider entering the International Drug Free Association (IDFA) fitness competition in October. While I had previously entertained the idea of competing, I had just had my baby three months prior, my body did not look anything like those I had seen on other competitors and I did not believe I could possibly be ready for a completion in three months. After some inspiring words and arm-twisting, I agreed to the challenge and transitioned to a competition specific clean eating and training program the following week.

I trained hard and ate clean, indulged in reward nights, questioned my competition readiness both physically and mentally, all while witnessing my body transformation to a stage-ready fitness competitor. I experienced the affect food has on the body and I can attest to the "you are what you eat" theory - aggressive workouts alone cannot produce the optimal results that a clean eating and training program combined can.

October 22, 2011, seven months after the birth of my second baby (via caesarean section), I fulfilled a dream - I competed in my first official fitness competition. I took home two medals (my first medals ever)! I placed 4th (tied for 3rd) in Novice Fitness Model medium, and 5th in Figure Model Short.

Since achieving this milestone goal, I continue to eat clean, and train regularly and continue to work with my coach. I plan to compete again in the spring of 2012 and have a new dream - to provide guidance and inspiration to others in pursuit of their personal fitness dreams.


Qualifications & Experience:

  • CanfitPro Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist, December 2012
  • 5th place Open Fitness Model Short, NPAA May 2012
  • CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist
  • 4th Place Fitness Model Medium IDFA Western Canada Classic Fall 2011
  • 5th Place Figure Model Short IDFA Western Canada Classic Fall 2011
  • First Aid/CPR Certified